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bosh service center 0564095666 AED 44

2021-02-18 16:08:26
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Xiaomi Redmi 6A Dual SIM - 32GB, 2GB RAM, 4G LTE, Gold - International Version

When water coming from the dishwasher stops working, we have to detect the source of the problem and repair it. How do we diagnose the problem? The water could be coming from a loose valve or from a leaky pipe. If you don't see any leaky pipes, you can try tightening the valve. If this valve is loose, water might leak out of the heater. Otherwise, the leak might be caused by a faulty valve, an obstructed vent or a defective heating element. One or more spray arms jammed or otherwise not rotating can cause poor wash results. Check that none of the dishes are physically stopping one of the spray arms from turning. Also check that it rotates freely by hand. Dishwasher salt and rinse aid are vital for a good wash, especially with hard water. A

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