IT Support, Server Maintenance and Original Window AED 1

2019-07-15 06:02:12
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IT Services, Servers and AMC Services Server Support we Provide 1. Tower Servers 2. Rack Mounted Server 3. Cloud Server and Hosting with Local & Azure 4. Backups and External Drives secured from Ransom virus 5. Annual Maintenance Services by dedicated Professionals 6. Windows and Antivirus Microsoft original Windows 2016/ 2012 for Servers and Laptops- We deal in Best, Original Windows in Lowest Cost. 1. Complete Security Antivirus of Sophos 2. Sophos Central Server Protection 3. Kaspersky for Small Business 4. ESET File Security for server Protection 5. Data security and recovery options Laptop/Desktop PC’s:- Latest Versions of Laptops and Desktops with all type of Support 1. HP, Dell, Lenovo are our all-time reliable Brands


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