EMedStore: Pharmaceutical App for Pharmacy Busines AED 6000

2017-09-11 04:35:35
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Describe what make Sub:- EMedStore: Sales and Marketing Partner for Pharmacy (Medical Store) EMedStore is the India’s first and most popular mobile app for pharmacy (medical store) to make online pharmacy within 1hr. If you have a small pharmacy, EMedStore can help you create an online pharmacy app quickly and inexpensively. ? Now a days, in India people started buying medicines online. ? OPEN 24X7 MORE SALES NO EXTRA COST ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS ? EXCELLENT SERVICE 100% SATISFACTION SEND OFFERS DAILY ? TARGET INDIAN MARKET TO SALE ONLINE MEDICINES VIA APPLICATION ? SECURED 100% YOUR CLIENT Online pharmacy is one of the fastest growing industry in India. Establishing your pharmacy early as an online pharmacy solution provider s your ad

Website - URL - http://www.emedstore.in

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