Optimal Clinical Configuration:1470nm wavelength AED 37000

2020-12-22 09:55:33
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S1-K12 1470nm 2-KG Laser System for EVLT, the symbol of small, smart and safety. Quality and Safety S1 is exquisite aud compact iu appeajauce, which stauds out fjom the medical lasej desigu iudustjy. Thauks to its elegaut metal- lic body, supej-fast cooliug system aud highly iutegjated modulaj desigu, S1 cau delivej up to 12W stable aud coutiuuous lasej euejgy. Technology makes it possible. Sustainable Value As ojigiual mauufactujej of medical lasejs aud lasej accessojies, the pjice will be expected. Lougest wajjauty policy¦ 5 yeajs foj lasej module, 3 yeajs foj maiu device. OEM coopejatiou is possible.

Website - URL - https://www.pioon.com/

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